MENA Energy Award (MEA)

In close collaboration with the Forum European Energy Award (eea®) based in Zurich, Switzerland, IDE-E - on behalf of Morocco's National Agency for the Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ADEREE) and with the joint support of GIZ, REPIC and ADEME - has facilitated the design and launch of the MENA Energy Award's First Round 2012-2014 in Morocco. 


The MENA Energy Award Process 

Tailored to the needs and concerns of municipalities, it provides a framework of 6 policy areas and 79 measures for local governments to assess, plan for, monitor and evaluate local energy and climate strategies. The areas considered are:


1 – Urban & Territorial Planning

2 – Municipal Buildings & Infrastructure

3 – Electricity production & distribution, Waste & Waste Water Management

4 – Mobility

5 – Internal Organisation

6 – Communication & Cooperation


During a two-year pilot cycle, IDE-E - acting as the manager of ADEREE's Jiha Tinou Coordination Office - has facilitated the adaptation of the methodological tools to the Moroccan, and more generally, to the North African context. By doing so, it has meant to provide the ground for other countries and municipalities to use the framework and further adapt it to their specific aims.


Regional MENA Energy Award Secretariat

As the MENA Energy Award Co-initiator and Project Manager, IDE-E has established and managed the MEA Regional Secretariat, based in Rabat, Morocco. Currently, dialogues have been engaged with the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) to use the Mediterranean Association of Energy Management Agencies (MEDENER) as a potential platform to host the future Regional Forum MENA Energy Award.


The Regional MEA Secretariat's mission is to ensure the sustainability of the regional process, by assisting MENA countries in joining the process, designing territorial approaches, facilitating municipal energy planning and supporting local governments in designing and structuring sustainable energy and infrastructure projects.

IDE-E works hand in hand with international partner initiatives like GIZ/CoMun, ADEME, the R20 and EU Covenant of Mayors with similar, but complementary objectives.


MENA Energy Award – Morocco (Jiha Tinou 2020)

In Morocco, the MENA Energy Award has been chosen to provide the methodological framework for the ADEREE's Territorial Energy Strategy, Jiha Tinou 2020. To ensure the sustainability of the MEA process and support structures in Morocco, IDE-E has facilitated the establishment of a Jiha Tinou/MEA National Secretariat, hosted and headed by ADEREE. IDE-E has been charged with the National Secretariat's management and coordination.