Collaborate with ide-e

Collaborate with IDE-E

IDE-E has developed different ways of engaging in a process of cooperation and policy advice with


Developing countries and emerging economies

IDE-E engages in direct partnerships with key stakeholders from developing countries and emerging economies, providing them with guidance and assistance to assess a country’s renewable energy profile; design country-specific public policy processes and implement renewable energy development strategies that are customized to the local contexts.


International donors and technical cooperation agencies

IDE-E further collaborates with international donors and technical cooperation agencies to commonly engage with and assist developing and transition countries in each of the three-phases of the renewable energy development process (i.e. analysis, planning and implementation).
One of IDE-E’s goals is to support IRENA’s efforts by providing the agency and its key partners with analytical, planning and implementation tools through periodic country assessments (i.e. GREEN Assess). These will identify countries’ specific needs for renewable energy development and provide a basis for accurate responses and customized assistance by IRENA to its members.