Vision & Objectives

Vision & Objectives


The purpose of IDE-E is to contribute to worldwide efforts to address the primary anthropogenic causes and impacts of global climate change and sea acidification through the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency applications.



The institute’s mission is to assist developing and emerging-economy countries, international cooperation agencies, and bilateral donors with policy options and models for renewable energy and energy efficiency deployment as an opportunity for sustainable development, within local contexts and constraints. Read more...



At the core of IDE-E’s approach is a vision for improving the provision and use of energy so that it contributes to sustainable development. Sustainable development, a core principle of IDE-E, is taken to include economic, social, environmental, and political considerations of sustainable energy deployment.



Convinced of the need for adequate frameworks with measureable indicators, IDE-E assists governments in setting up local targets and enabling conditions for sustainable energy development at both national and sub-national levels. More specifically, it provides guidance on how to assess, design, plan for, implement and evaluate sustainable energy strategies based on local priorities and targets, while taking into account international best practices.


IDE-E acts at different levels: at (i) a process level, supporting governments in energy planning and in setting up a multi-faceted, multi-actor public policy process to provide short-term results, while leading towards sustainable development opportunities, and (ii) on a project-level, to support sustainable energy finance, by facilitating financial deal-structuring and agreements between local governments and International Finance Institutions.