Country-based Processes

IDE-E supports the design, implementation and monitoring of public policy processes, through which local priorities are established and resources allocated, based on the engagement of public, private and civil society stakeholders, across multiple policy levels and jurisdictions, with the purpose to serve national development goals and the needs of local economies and populations. Depending on a country's energy targets and priorities, IDE-E has facilitated the assessment and establishment of policy frameworks for sustainable energy deployment at both national and local levels.



In a partnership with the Moroccan Agency for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Development (ADEREE), GIZ and UNDP, IDE-E has supported the government’s efforts to create enabling conditions and strengthen the capacity of national and sub-national actors to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in Morocco.


Assessment of Opportunities for Sustainable Energy Development at the Local Level

International Training Seminar on Solar and Wind Technology - Berlin, 14-17 June 2011




In collaboration with local partners, IDE-E has supported the training of key national and sub-national stakeholders in energy efficiency management and energy accounting. The purpose of the training has been to allow for the National Agency for Energy Management (ANME) to effectively engage Tunesia's most energy-intensive sectors in national energy efficiency management efforts.




In a dialogue with international partners (e.g. Dii, Energiezukunft Schweiz, Good Energies Chair at the University of St.Gallen) and local institutions (e.g. CDER, APPRUE and LENREZA), IDE-E has worked towards the development of strategic assessments and trainings, to support Algeria's efforts in establishing an enabling framework for the local economy and population to benefit from large-scale solar deployment (see REACH MENA).




In a partnership with the Centre for Energy Investigation at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (CIE-UNAM), IDE-E has been developing a “Renewable Energy Country Profile” for Mexico. The assessment is part of a larger process that engages key stakeholders, such as the Mexican Ministry of Energy (SENER), UNAM, UNIDO and GIZ to build on current efforts undertaken and integrate individual initiatives into a multi-level, multi-stakeholder public policy process for renewable energy development.